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1 oscpack -- Open Sound Control packet manipulation library
4 Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Ross Bencina <>
6 A simple C++ library for packing and unpacking OSC packets.
9 Oscpack is simply a set of C++ classes for packing and unpacking OSC packets.
10 Oscpack includes a minimal set of UDP networking classes for windows and posix
11 which are sufficient for writing many OSC applications and servers, but you are
12 encouraged to use another networking framework if it better suits your needs.
13 Oscpack is not an OSC application framework, it doesn't include infrastructure for
14 constructing or routing OSC namespaces, just classes for easily constructing,
15 sending, receiving and parsing OSC packets. The library should also be easy to use
16 for other transport methods (eg serial).
18 The key goals of the oscpack library are:
20 - to be a simple and complete implementation of OSC
21 - to be portable to a wide variety of platforms
22 - to allow easy development of robust OSC applications
23 (for example it should be impossible to crash a server
24 by sending it malformed packets, and difficult to
25 create malformed packets.)
27 Here's a summary of the key files:
29 osc/OscReceivedElements -- classes for parsing a packet
30 osc/OscPrintRecievedElements -- iostream << operators for printing packet elements
31 osc/OscOutboundPacket -- a class for packing messages into a packet
32 osc/OscPacketListener -- base class for listening to OSC packets on a UdpSocket
33 tests/OscUnitTests -- unit test program for the OSC modules
34 tests/OscSendTests -- examples of how to send messages
35 tests/OscReceiveTest -- example of how to receive the messages sent by OSCSendTests
36 examples/OscDump -- a program that prints received OSC packets
40 Building
41 --------
43 In general the idea is that you will embed this source code in your projects as you
44 see fit. The Makefile has an install rule for building a shared library and
45 installing headers in usr/local.
47 The Makefile works for Linux and MaxOS X except that if you are on a big endian
48 machine such as PowerPC Macintosh you need to edit the line which sets the
49 endianness to OSC_HOST_BIG_ENDIAN (see the makefile comment for details) or it won't
50 work. If you want to build and install liboscpack as a library on OS X you also need
51 to edit the $(LIBFILENAME) rule by commenting out the Linux case and uncommenting
52 the OS X case since OS X uses different gcc flags for shared libraries.
54 On Windows there is a batch file for doing a simple test build with MinGW gcc called
55 make.MinGW32.bat. This will build the test executables and oscdump in ./bin and run
56 the unit tests.
58 --
61 If you fix anything or write a set of TCP send/recieve classes
62 please consider sending me a patch. Thanks :)
64 For more information about Open Sound Control, see:
68 Thanks to Till Bovermann for helping with POSIX networking code and
69 Mac compatibility, and to Martin Kaltenbrunner and the rest of the
70 reacTable team for giving me a reason to finish this library. Thanks
71 to Merlijn Blaauw for reviewing the interfaces. Thanks to Xavier Oliver
72 for additional help with Linux builds and POSIX implementation details.
74 Portions developed at the Music Technology Group, Audiovisual Institute,
75 University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, during my stay as a visiting
76 researcher, November 2004 - September 2005.
78 See the file LICENSE for information about distributing and using this code.