Bug fixed in preprocessor for new primitives.
[Faustine.git] / interpretor / main.ml
2013-09-05 WANGMerge branch 'master' of https://scm.cri.ensmp.fr/git...
2013-09-05 WANGAdd rate_type in interpreter/types.ml.
2013-08-30 WANGMerge branch 'newtree'
2013-08-29 WANGAdd sinwave, fft and fft2d examples.
2013-08-22 WANGMerge branch 'OOP'
2013-08-22 WANGOptions are implemented and fft2d.dsp test success.
2013-08-21 WANGPretty printing of main.ml.
2013-08-21 WANGMRFausti -> Faustine in Makefile.in.
2013-08-21 WANGCsv IO class implemented.
2013-08-21 WANGBug of vector wave output error fixed.
2013-08-19 WANGNew Faustine tested by sin.dsp and fft.dsp.
2013-08-14 WANGAdding new source file faustio.ml, including class...
2013-07-26 Karim BarkatiInitial import.