2013-08-05 WANGRefactoring in faustexp.ml.
2013-08-01 WANGRefactoring faustine in beam.ml -> method output.
2013-07-31 WANGRefactoring of file beam.ml.
2013-07-30 WANGMerge branch 'OOP' of https://scm.cri.ensmp.fr/git...
2013-07-30 WANGOOP initial commit with new tracked files.
2013-07-29 WANGOOP initial commit with new traces.
2013-07-29 WANGOOP initial commit.
2013-07-29 WANGFirst cleaning step in "dsp_files" directory.
2013-07-29 WANGTest commit into the README file.
2013-07-26 Karim BarkatiInitial import.