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2014-02-11 Vivien MaisonneuveRemove extra spaces at EOL
2014-02-11 Pierre Guillouordering of sguelton transformations
2014-02-11 Pierre Guillouadded references
2014-02-11 Pierre Guilloulisted all transformations from our 2 sources
2014-02-11 Pierre Guillouunwanted merge with Vivien
2014-02-11 Pierre Guillouinitial ordering of the transforms
2014-02-11 Vivien MaisonneuveUsing latin-modern fonts
2014-02-11 Vivien MaisonneuveFix bad line break
2014-02-11 Vivien MaisonneuveFix dash length in title
2014-02-11 Pierre Guillouadded content of Serge Guelton's thesis transformations...
2014-02-11 Vivien MaisonneuveFirst commit