Replace examples by tutorial in documentation
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2014-08-14 Danielle BolanRemove license and add to doc examples
2014-08-13 Danielle BolanAdd license to examples
2014-08-05 Vivien MaisonneuveRename pypol into LinPy
2014-08-05 Vivien MaisonneuveFix license headers
2014-08-04 Danielle BolanAdd GPL License
2014-07-17 Vivien MaisonneuveAdd EmptyType and UniverseType
2014-07-16 Vivien MaisonneuveMinor improvements in example
2014-07-16 Vivien MaisonneuveAlways set xlim, ylim, zlim in plot functions
2014-07-16 Vivien MaisonneuveImproved example