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2014-07-15 Vivien MaisonneuveSmall implementation improvement in
2014-07-13 Vivien MaisonneuveAdd _repr_latex_ methods for IPython prettyprint
2014-07-13 Vivien MaisonneuveCleaner implementation of Rational
2014-07-05 Vivien MaisonneuveMinor improvements in testing of new expressions
2014-07-03 Vivien MaisonneuveBetter implementation of Expression.__repr__
2014-07-03 Vivien MaisonneuveImprove tests involving iterators
2014-07-03 Vivien MaisonneuveSwap order of symbols and Dummy
2014-07-03 Vivien MaisonneuveSupport for dummy symbols
2014-07-02 Vivien MaisonneuveRename Constant into Rational
2014-07-02 Vivien MaisonneuveCleaner and faster linear expressions
2014-07-02 Vivien MaisonneuveHelper module for sympy in unitary tests
2014-07-02 Vivien MaisonneuveFix tests for Expression.subs
2014-07-02 Vivien MaisonneuveNew method Expression.subs
2014-06-25 Vivien MaisonneuveSplit and add domains