Bug fixed for unix error "readlink /proc/self/fd/0" on MacOS.
[Faustine.git] / interpreter / main.ml
2013-10-28 wangBug fixed for unix error "readlink /proc/self/fd/0... master
2013-10-25 wangNested vectors are implemented, including parser and...
2013-10-09 wangBug fixed for stdin and stdout in a different platform.
2013-09-30 WANGStdin, stdout and stderr updated, tested.
2013-09-27 WANGMerge branch 'master' of https://scm.cri.ensmp.fr/git...
2013-09-27 WANGBugs fixed for stdin and stdout.
2013-09-27 WANGImplement stdin, stdout and stderr to Faustine.
2013-09-23 WANGReplace Sys.time by Unix.time in main.ml.
2013-09-17 WANGAdd "GUI not supported" primitives to Faustine.
2013-09-16 WANGRename interpretor to interpreter.