Change string representations of Expression and Polyhedron
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2014-06-24 Vivien MaisonneuveChange string representations of Expression and Polyhedron
2014-06-24 Vivien MaisonneuveUnitary tests for Polyhedron, very incomplete
2014-06-24 Vivien MaisonneuveCheck for SymPy presence in unittary tests
2014-06-24 Vivien MaisonneuveMethods Expression.fromsympy(), Expression.tosympy()
2014-06-20 Vivien MaisonneuveImprove representation of Constants
2014-06-19 Vivien MaisonneuveImplement Expression.fromstring
2014-06-19 Vivien MaisonneuveExpression.symbol moved to
2014-06-19 Vivien MaisonneuveRemove useless imports
2014-06-19 Vivien MaisonneuveWorking test suite
2014-06-12 Danielle Bolanprinting out isl form but test gives incorrect values
2014-06-11 Vivien MaisonneuveFix Expression.__rsub__
2014-06-11 Danielle Bolantest file
2014-05-23 Vivien MaisonneuveString formatting for empty expressions
2014-05-22 Vivien MaisonneuveInitial commit