Rename Expression._canonify() into _toint()
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2014-06-18 Vivien MaisonneuveRename Expression._canonify() into _toint()
2014-06-18 Vivien MaisonneuveImprovements in decorators, data types, caches
2014-06-18 Vivien MaisonneuveRename islhelper into _isl
2014-06-18 Vivien MaisonneuveGlobal context
2014-06-18 Vivien MaisonneuveImplement IslObjects, delete Value
2014-06-18 Vivien MaisonneuveCode cleanup
2014-06-18 Danielle Bolanrecent update to isl no errors!!
2014-06-16 Vivien MaisonneuveMakefile for virtualenv
2014-06-16 Vivien MaisonneuveAdd islhelper.c library to handle isl constants
2014-06-16 Danielle Bolanno errors: dim type and id value updated
2014-06-12 Danielle Bolanprinting out isl format but with wrong value
2014-06-12 Danielle Bolanprinting out isl form but test gives incorrect values
2014-06-11 Vivien MaisonneuveFix Expression.__rsub__
2014-06-11 Danielle Bolanchanges before eclipse crashes again
2014-06-11 Danielle Bolanno bugs in eclipse update
2014-06-06 Danielle Bolancurrent update:very messy and very broken!
2014-05-28 Vivien MaisonneuveBetter implementation of _polymorphic_operator
2014-05-28 Vivien MaisonneuveAttempt at fixing PyDev errors
2014-05-23 Vivien MaisonneuveString formatting for empty expressions
2014-05-22 Vivien MaisonneuveInitial commit