Fix Polyhedron.vertices() for ISL 0.13
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2014-07-09 Vivien MaisonneuveFix Polyhedron.vertices() for ISL 0.13
2014-07-08 Danielle BolanAdd plot method
2014-07-08 Danielle Bolanfixed vertices pushed before adding plot
2014-07-07 Danielle BolanGetting vertices when version < 0.13
2014-07-06 Vivien MaisonneuveAdd methods Domain.subs(), Polyhedron.subs()
2014-07-05 Vivien MaisonneuveHacky way to get vertices with ISL 0.13
2014-07-05 Vivien MaisonneuveRaise ValueError when sampling an empty Domain
2014-07-05 Vivien MaisonneuveMake Domain.sample() consistent with Domain.points()
2014-07-04 Vivien MaisonneuveRename Domain.polyhedral_hull() into Domain.aspolyhedron()
2014-07-04 Vivien MaisonneuveRename Domain.project_out() into Domain.project()
2014-07-04 Vivien MaisonneuveMinor refactoring of Domain.points()
2014-07-04 Vivien MaisonneuveReintroduce isl_basic_set_finalize to fix test cases
2014-07-04 Danielle BolanAdd vertices and points, messy!
2014-07-04 Vivien MaisonneuveMove isl_basic_set_finalize from C code to Python
2014-07-03 Danielle BolanAdd methods may be useful for larger polys, change...
2014-07-02 Vivien MaisonneuveImplementation of Symbol.sortkey()
2014-07-02 Vivien MaisonneuveImplementation of Domain.fromsympy(), tosympy()
2014-07-02 Vivien MaisonneuveRename Constant into Rational
2014-07-02 Vivien MaisonneuveCleaner and faster linear expressions
2014-07-02 Danielle BolanDrop_dims working for any order!
2014-07-02 Danielle BolanUpdate drop_dims, now works with more than 2 dims passed
2014-07-02 Danielle BolanAdd to drop_dims check next value, a little sloppy
2014-07-02 Vivien MaisonneuveHelper functions symbolname and symbolnames
2014-07-02 Vivien MaisonneuveAdd missing classmethod decorator
2014-07-01 Vivien MaisonneuveOverloading for Domains.project_out(), to be improved
2014-07-01 Vivien MaisonneuveAlternative implementation of projection
2014-07-01 Danielle BolanRemove print statement
2014-07-01 Danielle BolanProject_out working
2014-07-01 Danielle BolanCommit working basic drop constraints
2014-06-26 Vivien MaisonneuveImprove Expression.fromstring(), Domain.fromstring()
2014-06-26 Vivien MaisonneuveReplace Polyhedron.fromstring() by Domain.fromstring()
2014-06-26 Vivien MaisonneuveAdd method Domain.isbounded()
2014-06-25 Vivien MaisonneuveSplit and add domains